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Local123UK is part of a series of Geo targeted domains across the North West of England. Here we'll tell you a little more about us.

What is a Hyperlocal Geo domain? Each of the domains is either the name of a town or area in the North West. There are over 60 of them, each one is simply the name of the town. They're easy to remember and to find local businesses in a specific area. There won't be hundreds of companies, as this will be a compilation of businesses who have requested to have their details added to the site. In fact, each one of them will have a full webpage, which will consist of a 500 word description about the business, including images and a contact form so that users who are interested in their services or products can get in touch.

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about local123uk

Follow the link below to view one local business on this website.

We're basically launching local websites aimed at local people within towns and areas in the North West of England.

The info Project across the North West began in April 2016 with the Launch of the Rossendale info website. This was closely followed by the launch of  Bury info. These are all Geo Top Level domains for towns and areas around the Lancashire region. Ideal if you want to target local people in your area. 

Local Businesses for Local People

Each business as an example in the Pendle area will have their own webpage designed from scratch. It'll include keywords in the description, around 500 words, which is more than enough for visitors to learn about their services and products. Follow the link below to learn more about getting your business for LESS!