The Bury website was launched July 2016 and covers the areas of Radcliffe, Prestwich, Ramsbottom and Bury. 

If you buy a kit on eBay to paint the Mona Lisa, it'll set you back less than £10. If you owned the original, it's estimated to be worth over £63 million ... but you could almost reproduced the same thing.. couldn't you?
... The Mona Lisa is like a BRAND ... it has unique characteristics that set's it apart from anything else, the first painting in its era to have a smile, it's a one-off, it's been around a long time, and it took nearly 4 years to paint. It's impossible to reproduce, it can only be as a copy, which would still be expensive.
The network of domains I have put together is unique, it is the largest, single collection of domains in the North West, over 85 at the last count.
They can't be copied, it's not like a coffee shop, there are no more single name (EDM, Exact Match Domains) for the towns in our network, that's unless you have nearly a £1 million and the dot com domains were for sale. I know for a fact the Bury one isn't, as it's owned by a German company, which employs over 1500 people. With e-commerce being very much online today, this is their Online Brand. They'll never sell it.

In August of 2017, we launched the Ribble website. This covers the Ribble Valley and South Ribble areas in Lancashire. We like short domain names and will soon be launching a website for Pendle.

Mobile View Punch Property Repair

Hyperlocal Geo Domains for Local Businesses

More details about what the website is about, how it will make life easier for people to find your business and updates about future websites that I intend to launch across the North West. If you would like to get in touch and learn more about the website, please visit the contact page on this site.

Putting Local Businesses on Google at a local level

Local123UK Blog and hyperlocal Geo Domains Marketing

DOT What?! .. "dot info" ... What's that? ... It's a gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) ...

Test your general knowledge. When was Dot com web address ending first used... Answer: 1985 .. that's over 32 years ago. Can you remember your first website? Probably not.

Here's some facts about the .INFO domains.
.INFO has been used and trusted since 2001
.INFO is a well-known, established TLD
.INFO is intuitive for “information” in languages around the world
.INFO has global appeal and has been registered in 99% of the world’s countries

.....and according to Google Search Results, it doesn't matter whether you have dot co uk OR dot com OR dot org ... it's all about the website content, the keywords and how well they are put together and presented.

By definition, hyperlocal is related to either a specific area or something that is focusing on topics concerning a small town, community or a geographical area. Some websites do this through software that knows and records your location, so they can show things of interest within an area than is probably within a 5 mile distance. In fact, some sites can pin point your exact location to within a few metres; look at how Google maps works. 

Hyperlocal Search in Rossendale and Bury
Screen shot of Punch Property Repair

If you can't measure it, don't do it. This is very true in terms of businesses with a limited marketing budget. The problem with 'advertising', is that probably 85% of it doesn't get to the people it is intended for. So basically you're wasting your time, money and effort, especially if you are doing a lot of work loading posts to Social Media. What I do look at when I analyse Data from Facebook and Twitter, is to check how effective they were. ie. How many impressions did it make, and how many people interacted with the post. I look for 'what works'... then I repeat this with better posts, that are more specific in the message they are trying to convey. It's not enough these days to simply post stuff that says, "50% off,we're having a Sale", if people don't know what it is that you are selling. They want information, to be informed when making a decision. They want good info!
See below for the number of impression one post generated in 1 day for a Local business on the Bury info Facebook page. If you were paying Facebook for this kind of advertising, it would probably give similar results. This is totally organic impressions, as the post appeared on users timelines.

We're doing hyperlocal slightly different. In fact, it'll be more analogue than digital, even though it's based online. Look at the images for the two websites we've launched in the North West of England. These are Geo Domains. Exact names for towns and areas. They are only a few miles apart and located roughly 15 miles North of Manchester in the North West.

About five years ago, it didn't matter if your Website wasn't mobile friendly, but with technology moving so fast, it can now be said that there are more searches being done on Mobile phones than ever before. This means you need a new type of web design. One that works both on desktop and on smart phones. Ps The Pendle info and all the other websites are 100% Mobile Friendly. 

March 2017

Rossendale website was launched on 01 April 2016 and is for local businesses in Rawtenstall, Haslingden, Bacup and the Crawshawbooth localities.

rossendale info logo

The iNFO Network
We're building a 'brand' ... it will take time ..... maybe a few years, there are many other websites for towns such as .. VisitBury  (official tourism site by Bury Council).

The dot info domains can beat any dot com on Google ranking, we've already done it in certain business categories, and we'll do it for others too.

So when people say to you, "Dot info, what is that?, the simple answer is, it's a brand and it's very new.

Feb 2017

The Local123UK Blog gives you a greater insight into what we hope to achieve and how we can promote your business, locally!

Rose and Crown Facebook page
None mobile friendly view
Image showing a none mobile friendly Website

Marketing a Business on Facebook and Twitter

Here is one of the first pages launched on the Rossendale info Website. As a suggestion to everyone with Webpages, the best way to Brand your business is with your own unique 'name'. Add to this a website dedicated to that name and industry, plus links from pages via the short-links, and it basically makes Google think, hey, these guys are worth indexing. As there is no other website to compete (ie owned by the business) and it's now in prime position. I'll tell you more about the short-links soon, but if you type the one on the van below, you'll see how it works. It tells people what you do and where you're from. 

The iNFO Network and dot info domains

Local123UK and all the other websites are 100% Mobile Friendly.

As long as people are typing into their browser, the local town or area, these sites will come up in search results, the keyword being the name of the domain. Try it .. Search for Plumbers Rossendale!

Bury info search on Google

One of the biggest challenges facing local businesses in terms of advertising online, is who do I chose to make a Website for me? And what's more, how much will it cost? I can tell you, it'll cost you between £150 and £500 for a Website, spend about half as much as that again on SEO Optimisation, and you might stand a chance of getting your business page onto page No.1 of the Google Search Results. If you're lucky that is. 

The image on the Left is the Desktop screen shot of a Webpage for a Property Repair business in Bury. The image on the Right, is the same page on the Bury info website, when viewed on a Mobile Phone 

painter and decorator van pendle info

Ask anyone about Bury, and they'll mention the famous market and Black Puddings. Talk about Rossendale, and you'll hear about an original mill town from the industrial revolution, with modern day attractions now such as a dry ski slope and the local country side. 

The two websites were launched within 3 months of each other and are for small local businesses. They're promoted via local Facebook groups, other forms of social media and general word of mouth. Not a single bit of software geo technology in sight. So how do they work to attract mainly local people. Simple, it's in the name, and we can see this from Google Data showing exactly who visits the website from the cookie data. There's a few trades people on the sites, so if someone from Blackpool is looking for a plumber, this wouldn't be useful to them, it's too far away and they'd be wanting to book someone a little closer to home. 

Read more how to get your business Online to Local People

Search for local services in your area

Pendle info Mobile Friendly

Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Ian Ratcliffe and I'm the creator of the Local123UK website. The website is the third one in the series of domains to be launched in the North West region. In April, 2016, the Rossendale website was launched, followed by the Bury website. These are 'Hyperlocal Geo Domains' and are great for marketing a business to local users. After all, it's easy to remember the name of your town or area. Local123UK will expand to cover a wider region across the UK. 

Simply do a Google Search for "Andrew Porter Painter and Decorator".

info domains are short, single word exact match keyword domains for the towns and areas in this network. They are easily recognised by local people and therefore easy to market as a brand in their own right.


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