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Then you need to know about 'Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO)

Okay, I'll make it simple. 
If you have a website, and it's not coming up in search results, even when you type in your own name, then it needs a little help. It needs optimising. More specifically for search engines like Google, Yahoo, BING and so on.


Do what? ... 

Let's forget about optimisation, let's talk page ranking, it's easier.

Where does your website come up when you type in certain keywords? Page 1, 2 or lower down the list? If you're not on page No. 1, then no one is seeing your website. Simple.

You need to tweak certain things. It's called optimising your website. It's a bit like fitting a car engine and when it's not running right, you take it to a mechanic to see what's wrong.

Websites are complicated things. Setting them up to be found on Google is even more complicated. It's better if when fitting the car engine, you have it tuned before you take it out on the road.

This is what I do when I write Webpages for the businesses on my websites (Rossendale, Bury, Ribble, and Local123UK).

They're already optimised to compete with other websites that may be ranking well on Google, they're fast too, loading in under 2 seconds on a mobile device on a standard 3G connection.

Optimisation includes getting the right Keywords, plus a whole host of other stuff, too technical to go into here.

If you've plenty of money, using things like Google ADWORDS PPC advertising with a non-optimised website is like throwing good money after bad.

Do you want your Business found on Google search?

Search engine optimisation on a Local Website

Random posting in Facebook Groups is a bit like firing a blunderbuss to hit a target.... (it's a old fashioned rifle with lots of little pellets, and also a phrase to describe an action or way of doing something regarded as lacking in subtlety and precision).

In other words, throwing a lot of things at something and hoping some of it sticks. In the case of local businesses trying to promote themselves in the many local Facebook Groups, this is very evident. We're promoting businesses using Search Engine Optimisation.

What are the better options?
Think of the problem like this, 'Who are you trying to get your message to?' ..... people in Leeds? ... No, you're aiming at very local people, so the Facebook groups are ideal in the fact they are the names of the towns and areas. Some of these Groups have over 10,000 members, so when you have around 20 or 30 regular businesses posting their products and services, the timeline and news feed get's a little congested. People stop reading them. The only people looking are the ones who are posting, not the ones who are buying. 

Social Media and Search Engines are both forms of promoting on the internet, and I prefer search engines such as Google to promote local businesses. That way, people searching for specific things in their area can type in and look at websites that contain what they are looking for. 

Our websites are info about local businesses on local web domains (that means the website is also the name of the town). They appeal to local people and the names of the websites are very familiar. So if you live in Rossendale, Bury or the Ribble area, you can visit the websites to see what I've been up to. 

There are over 30+ local businesses, each having their own webpage, and these are optimised for the keywords in their profession and industry. 

The idea is that customers come and find you .... not the other way around.

Updated 03 June 2017

This is part of the blog webpage, where we try to give businesses more info about marketing themselves in simple language.