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Local123UK website for North West Businesses

For most businesses, the cost of Webpages on the info website (currently 3 live sites in Lancashire and Manchester), is between £1 and £2 a week. There are currently over 50 businesses and more are booked to have their webpage written.

How much does it cost to get on one of the local info Websites?

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Does your business need a website?

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Another of the main reason business owners don't want a website is usually because they've had one before or know someone who has had one and it simply didn't attract any enquiries. After all, that's the main goal, to get enquiries. That's why when we write each Webpage, they are written so they are easily found by people searching online. 

Putting businesses Online for LESS!

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The simple answer is, probably not. Most people these days tend to use social media instead of having to build a website, although social media is becoming a little crowded and it's difficult to get your business voice heard among all the other online companies trying to seek attention. We think we have a better solution that hasn't as much competition from other businesses as we're offering webpages on local websites. 

Webpages on local websites aimed at local people.

Local123UK is for small businesses in the North West of England

We've added some further info explaining how we're helping more small business owners get their company onto the internet. It's very simple and quick to get online.

Most small businesses are not online because they think it doesn't work, or that it probably costs too much. Web design can be a complicated subject.

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